Leak Locating/Slab Leaks

High water and energy bills can be a sign of an undetermined leak. Hot spots on the floor, the sound of running water behind walls, and mildew or excessive moisture under carpets could be an indicator of a leak in walls or under your concrete slab. Here at Second Opinion we offer modern tools such as line locators and digital sound locators. There are two options: 1. Demo the concrete and patch the pipe which typically is not the best option due to the pipe possibly getting more leaks. Then you would need to repair the flooring and most of the time, the flooring has been discontinued. 2. Reroute a new line which would bypass the old pipe. The new pipe would be run through walls, attic or open ceilings. Typically, with this option, the only damage done is drywall. We will work with your homeowners insurance to try and get both options covered.